Accused of a Crime?

If you’ve been accused of a crime and are in need of a attorney contact the Jacoby Law Firm. You need someone to fight for your rights, shield you from legal missteps, and bolster the strength of your case. Whether you’ve been accused of a misdemeanor or are facing more serious criminal charges, our team is prepared to fight for you. We defend the accused in Kansas City and the surrounding areas.

Family Law

If your family is in crisis or in need of legal help, call us. The Jacoby Law Firm in Kansas City Missouri provides strong yet compassionate representation in all areas of family law. As experienced trial lawyers, we are ready to fight for you in court if necessary. We promise to aggressively advocate for your interests in a contested divorce, marital property division dispute or any other contentious family law matter.
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About Our Firm

If you have been accused of a crime or targeted in a criminal investigation, you can't afford to leave your defense to chance. With over 25 years' experience, the Jacoby Law Firm has built a reputation for producing successful results. We regularly secure acquittals, dismissals, reduced charges and reduced sentences for my clients. While no lawyer can guarantee you a specific result, I guarantee you that I will use all the knowledge, skill and talent I have acquired in successfully handling thousands of criminal cases to fight to get your life back.

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Criminal Defense Representation in Kansas City & Bethany Missouri

Once you are charged with a crime, the clock starts ticking. The sooner you schedule your consultation with the Jacoby Law Firm, the sooner we can begin gathering the details that could prove key in the outcome of your case. You are not alone in your fight for freedom. Our team stands by you, and we are not afraid of the tactics and strategies used by prosecutors.

Available 24/7 when You Need Us Most

Because criminal matters are time sensitive, it is vital you never delay in contacting an attorney after an arrest or when you learn of an accusation or investigation against you. Our Kansas City criminal lawyers offer 24/7 communication to address your concerns and answer your questions. Never submit to questioning without our firm on your side and always seek representation that meets and exceeds your legal needs.